Automotive Professionals Group International

Because we get it.

"Because we get it" may be an arrogant statement to introduce our company but it is apt given the perspective from which we approach the business.

We get that there is not enough time in the day. We get that the ability to spend 80% of your time with your top 20% is a myth. We get that having a streamlined finance department is a challenge. We get that inventory control is a constant struggle. We get it.

With that in mind we created Automotive Professionals Group International.

Five Reasons To Choose APGI

Because we get you.

You're good. We get that. You know how to sell cars, charm clients, and keep people coming back for more. Just as world-class athletes need every last edge they can find, so do you. That's where we come in. Whether you want to hold a special event to turbo-boost your sales, navigate the tricky waters of subprime financing, or train your team in the latest selling techniques, you can count on us to help you achieve the gold-medal performances that are every athlete's dream. And let's face it. Even world champions need help getting on the winner's podium.

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  • Victoria, BC, Canada
  • Charlotte, NC, USA

Our Philosophy

We are guests in your house. This is your store and we will respect the rules and policies that you have in place. We want to work with you to help improve the system that exists currently.

The goal of Automotive Professionals Group International is to provide excellence in service to automotive dealers and their clients while maximizing the dealers' profitability and client relationships.

APGI believes in having clarity along with frank and honest approaches to all aspects of the automotive business. Any form of misrepresentation or misleading statements towards a client, lender or dealer partner is not tolerated. There is no need ever to be anything but up front in all our business dealings. Honesty is a key to our and your success.

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